Under the Honey Tree

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Restarting This Blog 2021

Hello world (again),

I after much thought I have decided to restart this blog. Having not posted for about 6 years. I think I will change my blog theme a bit. Right now, I am interested in truth in a post truth society, and how our American culture influences American Christianity.   I am also interested in the ways the media and other outlets use propaganda in writing and to manipulate people. These themes can be tied together with the idea that people are motivated more by feeling than truth.  I will explore logical fallacies and other types of rhetoric that can be used to persuade people.  

 I’m still interested in Church History and World History. I will be writing on that also. Hopefully I be writing all of this from a Christian world view. I still like to write devotionals, and poetry so I might trough a bit of that in the mix.

I need practice writing, so if no one reads this I’m OK with it that for now.